Making Plans

Settling down in Manila with a 9-6 job has taken some getting used to. No more trips on a whim, and no more disappearing for weeks at a time but I’m trying not to let that get in the way of exploring my country!

I’m blessed to have been born and raised in such a beautiful archipelagic country where every city, town, province or what-have-you offers a completely different experience from the next and when I say experience I mean that in the most exciting sense! These places may not be as developed as many parts of the world, there may not always be cellphone signal much less 3G or LTE connectivity but they definitely make up for it with adrenaline–tons of it!

We have mountains, hills, volcanoes, caves, trenches, rivers, valleys and lots of water, lots of salt water! I’ve seen more of my country than most of my kababayans but not quite enough to ever quench my thirst for more so this year, I resolved to just keep going whenever and where ever I can.

Cebu Pacific had a New Year seat sale, I was able to get Manila-Davao-Manila roundtrip tickets at just P20.14 base fare, roughly 3,200Php for two in June. It’ll be a new school year by then but a little weekend getaway can’t hurt. A good soak in the sea and down time with good friends is always a treat.

Over the last weekend, Cebu Pacific had a Valentine seat sale where prices dropped even lower so I was able to score Cebu-Manila tickets for two in July for just 1,500Php; we opted for just the return tickets to Manila because it’s too far along to really plan a full trip and I don’t really know how long my schedule will permit me to disappear so half a trip’s tickets on sale will just have to do for now afterall, I’m seriously considering trying the 2Go Ferry from Manila to Cebu for the experience. Despite having been all over the place, I’ve never been to Cebu so I’m really stoked for this trip and to be able to do it with another set of amazing friends is making me want to hit fast-forward to July right now.

I have a few other trips that I need to plan out and get tickets for, I’m long overdue for a visit to Cagayan de Oro; I’m sure we’ll be heading to one or two new cities to explore while my relatives from all over the world are in town for my brother’s wedding in August; I also need to plan my birthday adventure in October and three or twenty other trips in between because life’s too short to just sit around and click things on the internet.

‘Til the next random thought! Peace out.


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