Davao = Durian. It's just wrong to skip it.

Davao = Durian. It’s just wrong to skip it.


I always feared Durian. The stories of it’s horid smell, the cringes that followed it’s name; it definitely has a reputation.

BUT every now and then I find myself in situations where I just have to shut up and open up to new experiences–Durian included.

The first Durian I ever ate.

It was a few years back and I was in Davao City for the first time, it was for a volunteer project with┬ásome of my teachers from Manila and one night we had dinner out with our hosts–the usual Davao fare of Tuna was on the table

for dinner and well, Durian was pre-planned for dessert.

It goes without saying that when you’re out with your hosts, you should try your best to appreciate the culture and customs. Yup! Durian still included.

They took us to Magsaysay Park, a strip of Durian stores that served nothing but the most potent Durian in the land.

Pre-Durian squirm

I hesistated quite a bit, squirmed and whined about having to do it but I put myself in check and just gave in, for the sake of being polite and boy was I pleasantly surprised!!

Not bad…

Durian wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. Smelly, definitely but once you get past that initial nostril burn and sink your teeth into a creamy chunk–hehe–it’s actually pretty darn good!

Who would have thought.

The meat of it isn’t like any other fruit, it’s not firm like a mango or crispy like an apple or pulpy like an orange. It’s kinda fluffy and smooth and creamy. Depending on the variety though, it can be sweet and creamy or just kick you in the face—some people love that kick in the face.

I personally prefer the Native/Malagkit variety. It’s pretty mild compared to the Arancillo and I’m guessing it has the tamest flavor of all. I will eat the other varieties if they’re served though. I appreciate Durian now but I choose when to eat it cause the burps post-Durian are pretty horrid.

Durian Shake

Durian is also pretty refreshing in shake form and if you want some without getting your hands too dirty, the shake is the way to go!

So come on, don’t be afraid! Try it! You might just end up with a fondness for it or at least you can say you’ve tried once and NEVER WILL AGAIN! …but at least you’d have given it a chance. ­čśŤ