Davao = Durian. It's just wrong to skip it.

Davao = Durian. It’s just wrong to skip it.


I always feared Durian. The stories of it’s horid smell, the cringes that followed it’s name; it definitely has a reputation.

BUT every now and then I find myself in situations where I just have to shut up and open up to new experiences–Durian included.

The first Durian I ever ate.

It was a few years back and I was in Davao City for the first time, it was for a volunteer project with some of my teachers from Manila and one night we had dinner out with our hosts–the usual Davao fare of Tuna was on the table

for dinner and well, Durian was pre-planned for dessert.

It goes without saying that when you’re out with your hosts, you should try your best to appreciate the culture and customs. Yup! Durian still included.

They took us to Magsaysay Park, a strip of Durian stores that served nothing but the most potent Durian in the land.

Pre-Durian squirm

I hesistated quite a bit, squirmed and whined about having to do it but I put myself in check and just gave in, for the sake of being polite and boy was I pleasantly surprised!!

Not bad…

Durian wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. Smelly, definitely but once you get past that initial nostril burn and sink your teeth into a creamy chunk–hehe–it’s actually pretty darn good!

Who would have thought.

The meat of it isn’t like any other fruit, it’s not firm like a mango or crispy like an apple or pulpy like an orange. It’s kinda fluffy and smooth and creamy. Depending on the variety though, it can be sweet and creamy or just kick you in the face—some people love that kick in the face.

I personally prefer the Native/Malagkit variety. It’s pretty mild compared to the Arancillo and I’m guessing it has the tamest flavor of all. I will eat the other varieties if they’re served though. I appreciate Durian now but I choose when to eat it cause the burps post-Durian are pretty horrid.

Durian Shake

Durian is also pretty refreshing in shake form and if you want some without getting your hands too dirty, the shake is the way to go!

So come on, don’t be afraid! Try it! You might just end up with a fondness for it or at least you can say you’ve tried once and NEVER WILL AGAIN! …but at least you’d have given it a chance. 😛



I have a Psychology degree.
What is that supposed to mean?

DLSU says that:

This course introduces the students to the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes through the different psychological perspectives, theories, concepts, and the methods by which psychologists study, explain, and predict psychological phenomena. Students will be trained to develop a psychological orientation to understanding human behavior through empirical observation of psychological phenomena and the discussion of issues relevant to the topics covered. The course is taught using the transformative learning format.

I think that’s about right but no one ever warned us that in this process we were also going to discover the deep dark secrets within ourselves —- or maybe they did but I didn’t hear them.

Anyway! The upside of starting off with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology is that we understand ourselves a little better and know our limits, issues, disorders, strengths; we know things that most people have to wait sometime to discover about themselves because we go through an intensive process of looking in.

We need to understand ourselves and know our limits to understand and help others.

There are probably a million things wrong with me but the difference is I’m aware and able to control myself (most of the time. hey! I’m human.) a little better than before I entered the Psychology program.

So if you’re going through this blog because you’re wondering what to take in college, I highly recommend Psychology. You can use it in almost any field that involves interacting with humans— a lot of us get into careers in this place called the Human Resource Department (industrial psychology) but we can also do other things like Social Work (developmental psychology), Advertising (consumer Psychology), Teaching (educational psychology), and that list goes on and on.

That’s my 2cents.


Stepping Stones

I started looking for a job a few days ago. I’ve networked quite a bit in my college years so the first order of business was e-mailing friends from the development sector to see if they were aware of any openings and informing them that I was on the market. I got a lot of encouragement and good leads out of that but of course I still had to go through the process of looking beyond what I was already familiar with.

My first stop was the google.com homepage;

Search: Non-profit careers.

The results can get quite overwhelming and I soon realized that there are so many classifications and terms for the different sub-sectors of this interesting world that I want to enter.

I spent the first few hours of my job search scouring through websites for jobs in non-profits and realized that I was looking for the wrong thing and using the wrong keywords; what I want is a job in an International Aid Agency or Development Work.

I narrowed my search down to International Aid Work, and found the following sites to be the most comprehensive:

www.devex.com and www.reliefweb.int for a lot of posts from all over the world of International Aid. They save you so much time since you don’t have to wrack your brains for the names of the different agencies you know, google them and find the careers sections of their respective sites. I also noticed that devex and reliefnet are more updated than the actual agency websites, in terms of career postings.

www.inspira.un.org is for all those United Nations jobs that I really really want but realized I have so much more experience to gain for. I learned a lot from reading through job descriptions and requirements though; I think knowing what they look for and what credentials can help you land that dream job are very very very VERY important.

www.idealist.org is also an interesting site, it’s presented really well but they didn’t really have what I was looking for–a job in the Philippines.

All those websites have sign-up pages where you can make profiles and upload your CVs and apply for various positions in the different agencies you fancy so make sure your resume is ready, and you have a good mugshot you can upload. It’s kinda like LinkedIn but more tailored to development work and international aid.

A lot of the other sites I explored were really interesting but most of them just catered to Americans and Europeans. I wish someone made a hub that features opportunities for the developing world too and a hub that featured opportunities for the inexperienced to get experience. Stepping stones maybe?