I heard about Toms,  their advocacy and the whole One For One set-up a few years ago, it was quite interesting but I could not for the life of me wrap my head around the idea that these Espadrilles were actually worth their 4,000Php price tag ($100 in the Philippines) but one day I got giftcards to Adora in Greenbelt and discovered that they carried Toms —Now, since I had enough giftcards for two pairs and since they were now kinda free, I didn’t mind buying them.

They turned out to be incredibly comfortable! I was in college at the time and well, they soon became my go-to shoes. I would wear them everywhere, everyday, and just walk, walk, walk! They were comfier than traditional espadrilles because it wasn’t abaca fibre direct on my soles and though the construction of the shoe is so simple, you feel pretty protected for city walking. It was a big bonus that the Toms advocacy really appealed to my service-oriented lifestyle, I could wear really comfy shoes that looked nice AND with every pair I bought, a child in need would get shoes too! I was happy, kids were happy–it’s all good.

It was an even bigger bonus when I discovered that Toms wasn’t just giving one pair of shoes to children in need, they were giving those kids shoes as the shoes were needed, so that means as the shoe deteriorates or as the children grow, they keep getting new shoes for about 5 years if I’m not mistaken. Incredible, right?

The shoes that Toms gives kids become huge morale-boosters because kids who used to dream of being able to have their own shoes, finally have the shoes that they never thought they would and they can wear the shoes to school everyday and not have to worry about wearing them out. They can now walk to school safely and come to school with less trouble. Simple but truly incredible!

I bought Blake’s book, Start Something that Matters and well that convinced me even more that Toms is a brand to support and talk about. A lot will say that at the end of the day, it’s still a business but hey, we all have to survive but very few make time to make sure they’re doing good for others while trying to survive.

I quickly became a fan and the next thing I know, I’ve bought several pairs in different designs. I’m not really collecting them and just buying them and keeping them in my shoe rack, I buy a pair every few months and really make the most out of them–but that’s mainly cause when I have a new pair, I just can’t stop wearing them everywhere! Yes, I’m fangirling over Toms.

I’ve travelled in them, gone to the beach in them, painted in them, painted on them, got up on stages in them, walked through the jungles in them; I’ve gone to the mall with them, to school, to church, to work, to lunch, to dinner in them; I’ve gardened in them, played all kinds of games wearing them; I do everything in them!

I love all my Toms so much that I just HAD to have Toms Wedges as my graduation shoes! march in them but because Toms doesn’t carry my size in the Philippines, my shoes had to be sent here by my uncle in California. Which brings me to my only disappointment with Toms, they don’t carry size 10 in the Philippines. Most of my Toms were locally purchased from the male selection except the Orange Bimini Stitchout, the Black Glitter and the Black Wedges because Toms doesn’t carry size 10 in the Philippines. I’ve been asking them for years if they could bring size 10s in but I guess I’m also glad they don’t because if they did, I’d probably own a lot more pairs of Toms. Toms are still awesome though and I wear them everyday. ❤

03:56-4:03, Putting my Tom’s on. 😀